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Thread Sheet: From Vintage To Vogue

Romance may originally have brought Jennifer Graf to Greensboro — but it was a love for the town that made this fashionista stay and open Vintage to Vogue Boutique, one of the burgeoning number of hand-picked vintage stores that dress the downtown arena.

As the graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, or FIT, and a decade-long veteran of design with companies like Rocawear, Pony and Raffi in New York and London could have had her pick of choice jobs and bustling cities, “But there’s something about Greensboro that is full of possibilities,” she says.

“My mother had a consignment shop when I was growing up. She didn’t love it — but I did and it obviously informed my life. Because even in fashion design you research the past and design from there,” she says.

Graf says her inventory comes from samples that her FIT and designer friends have amassed over the years as well as choice consignment.

“I have a great Jimmy Choo consignment, J. Crew, Banana Republic,” she says, “and I’m building a nice collection for men including a gorgeous Fendi pullover and Missoni sweater.”

The store itself is a study in repurposed rope, plywood branches and deconstructed palettes from the Folk Festival and designed by Raymond Olive.

“Each section of the store has a personality,” she says, “Right now we are looking for local designers. I want to incorporate jewelry and have an on-site alterations person for vintage pieces. We are also partnering with The Fairy Godmother’s Closet to donate prom wear to kids with special needs.”

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