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The new face of downtown

Vintage to Vogue Boutique owner (124 N. Davie St., Greensboro, 336-709-6181) Jennifer Graf knows a thing or two about image. The New York/London/DC-based designer moved to Greensboro earlier this year, adopted a long-abandoned downtown storefront and added a thriving, new, visually-driven mecca of retro and reclaimed designer goods to the mix of retail establishments.

“Living and having a business downtown is great, but in doing so you become aware of the disrepair and the vacancies around you,” Graf says, “so my thought was — why not put a Band-Aid on it in the form of art?”

Graf says that her immediate concern was the neighboring building that once housed Rumba Latina. “It’s right next door to my store, and customers would make comments about the mold on the floor and ceilings caving in. It was an eyesore...

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